WATCH: BDS-Holes’ Deceitful HP Computer-Smashing Video


These BDS-holes have it in for HP because, they claim:

Hewlett Packard is the prime contractor of the Basel system which the company has claimed is to reduce friction at “Israel’s checkpoints.”

Hewlett Packard’s biometric technology is a tool for the stratification for citizenship rights.

Hewlett Packard provides the technological infrastructure for the Israeli armed services while it has committed war crimes.

So why not smash up some HP computers.

Except those are not BDS-holes in the video smashing HP computers.

My suspicions were aroused by the fact they all seem to be kids – not who I would think would be behind the site

And sure enough, I have located some of the source footage – from a video created by a kid trying to be funny.

We already knew BDS-holes are hypocrites. After all, how did they even upload this video to YouTube? Whatever computer they did end up using almost certainly contains some Israeli technology. But in this case they won’t even do the dirty work themselves!

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