Reader Post: Obama – Two Birds, One UNSC Resolution


We’ve all heard the expression: kill two birds with one stone. And we can confidently assume that the very expression cropped up in Obama’s office when the UNSC presented a resolution to de-legitimize Israel once again.

It hadn’t been a good year for Obama, his last year in office has been tarred by Syria, violent altercations between law enforcement and America’s African-American communities, Brexit and the big fat juiciest blow yet, Trump.

But it hadn’t been a good presidency either, and deep down I speculate POTUS knows that. To the international community, Obama will be here-on remembered for leaving the Middle East in a hellish, unpredictable nightmare. The Middle East he promised 8 years ago to fix, now looks like biscuit crumbs. Turns out bowing and appeasing doesn’t fix thousands of years of conflict, but I guess he thought he’d give it a try.

But let’s be real; Obama never stood on neutral ground in the first place, despite winning a Nobel peace prize; peace hasn’t really been his business. During Obama’s first term in office he made presidential trips to Afghanistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Turkey, and yet never stopped over in Israel, you know– America’s biggest Middle East ally. Yeh, well— if you weren’t born before 2008 you probably wouldn’t really know that. The Obama Administration made a distinctive point to distance the US from Israel, and it was only during his second term he surrendered to pressures from whom we could assume is Congress.

Things didn’t get better. I challenge anyone out there to freeze frame any footage of Netanyahu and Obama together and find any micro-expression that shows either one of them enjoying themselves. Such bitter disdain makes one wonder, did Obama hate Israel? Does he disagree with its existence on some twisted principle? My feeling is that he’d been listening to the wrong people during all those presidential trips. Netanyahu didn’t make things better, for Obama anyway. Obama gravely underestimated his ally, and Netanyahu wasn’t going to play his fantasy peace game, he knew better. Obama was snubbed in his brand new playground, and the world watched.

US and Israel relations were deeply wounded, and as time cracked on and ISIS spread like wildfire, Obama’s great legacy started to wither. He stood by as Assad used Chemical weapons on civilians. Russia pretty much does whatever it wants, and the UN is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. But wait. Useful to whom?

Maybe we pushed him too far? T’was Trump that broke the camel’s back, there’s no doubt about that, and when the UNSC brought forward a resolution singling out Israel once again, one can’t help feel a little suspicious. Coincidence? I doubt it.

Regretfully, it appears Obama took a leaf out of the PA’s terrorist handbook, on his way out by knifing Israel in the back, which in all sincerity is a personal middle finger towards Netanyahu. The Jews were just collateral damage. By not vetoing he has dropped Israel in a fire-pit with flame-retardant wolves and left a diplomatic dump for Trump to clean up. Would he have allowed this resolution to pass had Clinton won? Again, I doubt it.

And so, it goes forth. Kerry gets back up on his soap box and calls upon all his fancy grammar like ‘peace’ and ‘settlements’ and— oh heck, no one’s listening to him now anyway.

Roll on Trump. And the UN will soon be reminded who foots a large proportion of their bill.

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