Why It’s Unlikely Radiohead Will Ever Heed Calls To Boycott Israel


By now, you are probably all aware that English rock band Radiohead will be performing in Israel in July. They even just announced it on social media.

There have, of course, already been calls from BDSholes for them to boycott Israel, but nothing so far from rock’n’roll BDShole-in-Chief Roger Waters.

Not that such a call would help. From The Forward (which I hate linking to, but fair’s fair, since that is where I found this nugget of information):

Jonny Greenwood and his Israeli wife Sharona (Tumblr)

Radiohead has personal ties to Israel. Guitarist Jonny Greenwood is married to an Israeli artist named Sharona Katan, and last year he appeared on Junun, a collaborative album with Israeli composer/singer Shye Ben Tzur. Junun is a collaborative album featuring 16 musicians (known as the “Rajasthan Express”) from across genres doing music composed by Ben Tzur, an Israeli who moved to India in the 90s to study it’s music. Recorded at Mehrangarh Fort in Rajasthan, India, the musicians sat in a circle and performed live together. The album’s music is pervaded by Jewish and Sufi spiritual themes, featuring tracks like “Hu”,“Modeh” and “Allah Elohim.”

Johnny and Sharona reportedly have three children, all with very Israeli-sounding names: Two sons (Tamir and Zohar) and a daughter Omri. 

Meanwhile, here is one of the tracks from Jonny’s collaborative album with Israel’s Shye Ben Tzur.

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