Israeli-Arab Zionist Shot By Terrorists (Updated)

Updated: It seems Mahdi’s father was not shot by terrorists recently – it happened a long time ago. He mentioned it (albeit not at all clearly), prompting a number of people to contact me and write about the supposed recent attack. Reading Mahdi’s posts, I also thought his father had now been attacked. Nevertheless, I apologize for putting out what looks to be incorrect information.

As it turns out, his father has just succumbed to cancer. We wish Mahdi and his family a long life and send them our prayers.

Mahdi Satre is a young Israeli-Arab Zionist who has written on here on a number of occasions.

As he wrote in his first post:

I’m the son of a Palestinian Arab Muslim who born in Gaza and came to Israel for political asylum. He married my Israeli Arab mother, and I was born in Tel Aviv. A few years later, we moved to my village, a racist hateful village. When they found out that my father helped the IDF, they started a war on us.

Why? Because my father decided to be a patriot of his own country.

They started to throw stones at our house. I was badly injured when a big stone hit me in the head so my mother decided to take us to Tel Aviv again while my father stayed in the village and took a stand against hatred. It was a time full of bullets, full of war, one man standing against a village. But our country didn’t desert us.

They stood with my father against them. And we won the war.

So we came back to the village, with no friends, with nothing. I grew up alone, nobody wanted to talk to me and I still remember what they called me in the second grade – they called me the traitor, the son of the traitor.

So we lived with this hatred from the entire village.

Mahdi has been aware of the danger some pose to him and his family, but this latest news has still come as a shock to him and his legion of friends around the world: his father was recently shot multiple times by terrorists.

Mahdi writes:

At this hard time I wanna thank My Country and the IDF for standing with my family
they didn’t forget my father who was a soldier and they stood and still standing with my family
Today an IDF officer came to the hospital with his soldiers , they stood with us and they helped my family economically and  morally
the military officer said and I quote ” The whole people of Israel stands behind you”
I’ve no words
and I feel so proud of my country
Please Pray for My father Omar the Son of Fatima

And then later:

it hurts so bad I can’t breathe
I’m dying inside
my father went through many difficult things because of my way
because of me
he stood against the whole Arabian world for me and for Israel 
he was shot many times by Arabian terrorists because of his support for zionism
it’s my fault
my father is a legend
my father is a true Zionist
my father needs your prayers
in the name of everything
in the name of Jesus in name of Hashem in the name of Allah
In the name of every religion please pray for my father

Please join me in praying for Mahdi’s father, for a complete and speedy recovery. May the perpetrators be caught and brought to justice.

Update: Mahdi updates:

3 days passed and my father still in a Coma
please pray for my father Omar the Son of Fatima and Ahmad


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media