Michael Stipe: I Support Radiohead’s Decision To Perform In Israel

It just keeps getting worse for Roger Waters and his fellow BDS-holes. Following Waters’ latest attack on Thom Yorke and Radiohead, former R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe has posted on Instagram his support for Radiohead and the notion of performing in Israel.

While I disagree we are “occupying” our indigenous lands – which are at worst disputed – nevertheless, I appreciate when an artist like Michael Stipe speaks out against the bigotry of BDS.

P.S Michael, you’d feel right at home yourself in many neighborhoods of Israel rocking that beard!

2 thoughts on “Michael Stipe: I Support Radiohead’s Decision To Perform In Israel”

  1. WOW….. seriously. Stipe is as far left as you can get and is also closely connected to Radiohead. If this is the trend for artists then its good for Israel and bad for BDS. Yorke’s comments on this were absolutely perfect and I think his leadership here is going to allow other artists to use that same approach.

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