Israel Hater Films Herself Defacing Product (A Crime) in Supermarket


We’ve seen it before: Israel haters and BDS-holes filming themselves defacing Israeli products or otherwise admitting to it.

I am not entirely sure who this is in the video, or where this was filmed, but I assume where she is, defacing supermarket goods is a crime. So if any of you recognize her or where the store is, please let me know.

Besides being a hatemonger and criminal, she is also a dumbass. The Israeli “couscous” she is defacing and suggesting is appropriated from the palestinian Arabs is truly an Israeli invention, and is not the same as regular couscous.

Otherwise known by the Hebrew word p’titim (which translates to “little crumbles”), Israeli couscous are, according to NY Shuk, an artisanal food company specializing in Sephardic and Middle Eastern Jewish cuisines “more of a cousin to couscous than actual couscous. It is a small, pellet or rice-shaped pasta, similar to orzo, made from wheat flour and water” and according to The Forward, egg yolk, too.

The differences don’t end there: Whereas couscous is traditionally dried before it’s cooked, p’titim is toasted; where couscous is prepared by steaming, Israeli couscous is boiled, like pasta; and while couscous is an ancient food, Israeli couscous is a relatively new invention.

The story is that Israeli couscous was born out of the food rationing of the 1950s; after Jews migrated en masse from Eastern Europe to Israel, Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion sought out an alternative to the traditional staple of rice that could be easily mass-produced. The rice-shaped noodles, because they were made at the Prime Minister’s request, are sometimes called “Ben-Gurion’s rice.” But once real rice was again readily available, p’titim were reimagined into rounder pellet shapes resembling farfel (egg noodle dough that is grated or broken into small pieces).

Besides, I am not sure how all of this saves a palestinian child, but no-one ever accused these haters of thinking things through.

Hat tip: Lahav Harkov

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