WATCH: Roger Waters Thinks Rampaging Palestinians Should Just Be Allowed To Cross into Israel


It seems to be an almost daily occurrence: rock’n’roll BDS-hole Roger Waters ranting against Israel, speaking about the virtues of BDS, while denying he is antisemitic. And he did it again during a recent concert in Amsterdam.

But what stands out for me this time is when Waters speaks of Israel “shooting down and murdering defenseless palestinian protesters” who are just trying to “cross a fence that borders the open air prison that is Gaza.”

Remember, these so-called “defenseless protesters” include people like this

And when they cross the fence, their intention is not quite to sit on the grass and have a nice picnic

Not that any of this matters to Waters. He has already slipped up in the past, letting us know he sees Israel’s very existence as a mistake. So having Israel flooded with tens of thousands of palestinians hellbent on murder is not a problem to him.

Dare I say to him it may be a solution.

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