What Iran Finds “Laughably Absurd”


The Times of Israel reports:

Iran has denied Israel’s assertion it stole thousands of secret documents from a Tehran warehouse relating to the Islamic Republic’s clandestine nuclear weapons program as “laughably absurd.”

“Iran has always been clear that creating indiscriminate weapons of mass destruction is against what we stand for as a country, and the notion that Iran would abandon any kind of sensitive information in some random warehouse in Tehran is laughably absurd,” a spokesman for Tehran’s UN mission said.

“It’s almost as if they are trying to see what outlandish claims they can get a Western audience to believe.”

Let’s get this straight:

Laughably absurd/outlandish claim: The idea the Iranians have been hiding evidence of a clandestine nuke program and that the Mossad executed a daring operation and stole thousands of secret documents out of Iran.

Not laughably absurd/outlandish claim: The idea that Israel has been stealing Iran’s clouds and snow.

Perhaps it is also not laughably absurd to entertain the notion that the Times of Israel stole this story from The Onion (well, at least before The Onion went off the deep end and became an anti-Israel propaganda site).

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