Libel About IDF “Assault” of Palestinian With Down Syndrome Just Got Even More Ridiculous


A few days ago, I posted about the latest palestinian libel regarding IDF soldiers supposedly breaking the arm (or was it the wrist) of a palestinian boy/youth/man with Down Syndrome by the name of Muhammad al-Taweel or Mahmoud Zayed. Yes, they could not stick to one story.

It gets even more laughable. The Palestinian Information Center has identified him by yet another name – Amer Shallodi.

Which is clearly not the case, given that Amer Shallodi was the photographer who snapped the boy/youth/man being escorted.

Perhaps the Palestinian Information Center propagandists thought the name that seems to appear on his shirt was not actually on his shirt, but rather superimposed on to the photo (where it also appears in the left corner).

And they actually think people wear their own names on their shirts?!

This just highlights how ridiculous they are, rushing to blame Israel for whatever they can.

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