Shashi Naidoo’s Reaction to Israel Entry Ban Speaks Volumes


Following her capitulation to death threats and intimidation by the Israel haters and BDS-holes, South African model and television personality has tried to get into Israel as part of a BDS-initiated propaganda tour.

Her reaction speaks volumes about the true nature of her trip.

Model and television personality Shashi Naidoo has been banned from travelling to Israel or Palestine for the next decade – but has vowed to go back once the ban has lapsed.

“I hope by then there will be no military occupation of Palestine… Hopefully‚ before this ban expires‚ there will be an end to the Israeli military occupation and I will be invited by Palestine‚” Naidoo said at a press conference on Thursday evening at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg.

“I said I was here with South African Council of Churches [SACC]. All I want to do is see the sights‚ see the land‚ see some of the holy sites. I want to get a better understanding of what is happening here and just educate myself.”

Note how while she claims it was an objective fact-finding mission, she speaks of a “military occupation of Palestine.” Clearly, her BDS overlords have set the agenda.

She also prefers to return only once the 10-year-ban has lapsed. But she was invited to apply to return even sooner than this, as long as she does not try come in under the auspices of BDS. In an Israellycool exlusive, I can reveal the forms she was presented with when trying to enter Israel.

Note there is no mention of the ban being for 10 years as the report claims!

Gilad Erdan, the Israeli Minister of Public Security and Strategic Affairs, also tweeted this to her:

Yet she does not seem interested.

In the meantime, Naidoo claims Israel engaged in “mental warfare” against her.

“Initially‚ it was a bit like mental warfare‚ because in the beginning I was actually offered a Fanta and I thought‚ ‘Okay‚ this is not so bad.’ Then we sat down and as the interrogation went on they obviously knew who I was‚ and what was happening‚ but it got more and more intense.

“After about two hours of interrogation‚ by the end of it‚ I was in tears‚” Naidoo said. “Me being denied access clearly is to me a strong indication that there is no room for discussion here.”

Unfortunately, it looks the very real mental warfare of BDS South Africa is what truly got to her.


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