The Root Cause of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict…In a Tweet


This tweet by palestinian propaganda site Quds News Network is screen captured for posterity – as a reminder as to the true root cause of the conflict: imperialist, Islamic ambitions over the Holy Land.

If I was a palestinian Christian, I’d be handing in my palestinian membership card right about now. And praying I get to live under Israel where freedom of religion is absolutely guaranteed.

Meanwhile, that tweet is just one in a series by Quds News Network, which show just how intolerant and far from reality they are. For instance, according to them, Jews visiting the Western Wall, a Jewish holy site for thousands of years (predating Islam), are really just “Zionist settlers storming al-Aqsa to do Talmudic rituals at al-Buraq Wall.” Or something.

And did you know it has been a holy place for Muslims because of a noble steed?

Apparently since forever.


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