“Iconic” Shirtless Palestinian Rioter Claims He Was Targeted For Being Photogenic


The “iconic” shirtless palestinian rioter aka Triple A, who was supposed injured last week, is claiming he was deliberately targeted by Israel….because he takes good photo.

No, seriously.

In an interview with Middle East Eye, Abu Amro said he marched with his friends towards the northern Gaza borders with Israel on Monday to join protests. He said he believed that Israeli forces targeted him because of his iconic photo.

“They were shooting at me, trying to fire a bullet at me,” he said.

“The occupation targeted me because they saw my pictures; they saw me moving forward; I drove them crazy. I was defending my homeland.”

And the stupidity runs in the family.

Amr’s father said the footage of weekly protests in Gaza proved their non-violent nature, with young people using rocks in response to Israeli army bullets.

“We have footage. Everything is clear to the world. We are non-violent. [The protesters] have their hands, and rocks, the minimum [means of resistance],” he told MEE.

“The youths are confronting the world’s most powerful army with rocks and their bare chests. They have nothing in their hands. They only want to deliver a message.”

I am not sure how one can throw rocks and be non-violent, or throw rocks without having anything in their hand, but clearly this is not a family known for their intellect.

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