WATCH: Antisemitic Dumbass of the Day


A Jew hater accidentally bumps into Jew-hating Jew Tony Greenstein and starts hurling antisemitic abuse at him. He is then led to believe Greenstein is palestinian, prompting the guy to apologize (“Sorry I thought you were one of them, they said you were Jewish.”) Watch the guy’s face after Greenstein responds “I am Jewish” – priceless!

This is the level of intelligence of our local antiSemites – the same guy who was abusive to Jacqui earlier got totally confused and abuses BDS frontman Tony Greenstein, calling him a “Jewish f***ing pr**k”… then when he thinks he’s a Palestinian, apologies and says “sorry I thought you were one of them, they said you were Jewish”… Tony replies “I am Jewish”… You can almost see the cogs turning in this guys head.

Posted by Sussex Friends Of Israel on Saturday, November 24, 2018

It’s as if his few remaining brain cells suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

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