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Antisemitism Most Horrid at Palestine Expo Event in London

PalExpo, which was just held in London, bills itself as "A two-day celebration of Palestinian culture, history and arts." That apparently means vile antisemitism.

George Galloway’s April Fools’ Antisemite-Fest

Yesterday, I posted about a preposterous RT video in which George Galloway explained what is and what isn't antisemitism.I have now discovered that this is not his first rodeo when it comes to goysplaining this topic close to his heart.

Israel-Hating Dumbasses of the Day

BDS-holes, you had ONE JOB!

WATCH: Antisemitic Dumbass of the Day

Drugs are bad...mmmmkay?

How NOT To Argue You Aren’t An Antisemite by Tony Greenstein

Following his expulsion from the British Labour party, Israel hater Tony Greenstein wants everyone to know he is no antisemite

Israel Hater Tony Greenstein Expelled From UK Labour Party

Some good news from the UK, with an infamous hater kicked out of the Labor party for offensive comments and posts

Young Women Shocked By Antisemitism At Palestine Solidarity Campaign Event

BDS is antisemitic, and more people are beginning to see this


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