Lara Kollab Apologizes For Antisemitic Tweets. But Is She Being Sincere?

Almost 7 years after tweeting them, months after Canary Mission exposed them and she lost her job at the Cleveland Clinic, and a week after it all went very viral and hit the news, Lara Kollab has written an apology for her antisemitic tweets – on her now non-Wix website.

My Sincerest Apologies

Several social media comments posted on my twitter account years ago have surfaced recently, causing pain, anguish, and a public outcry. I wish sincerely and unequivocally to apologize for the offensive and hurtful language contained in those posts. This statement is not intended to excuse the content of the posts, but rather to demonstrate that those words do not represent who I am and the principles I stand for today.

I visited Israel and the Palestinian Territories every summer throughout my adolescent years. I became incensed at the suffering of the Palestinians under the Israeli occupation. The injustice and brutality of the occupation continues to concern me, and I believe every champion of human rights owes it to humanity to work towards a just and peaceful resolution of this crisis.

As a girl in my teens and early twenties, I had difficulty constructively expressing my intense feelings about what I witnessed in my ancestral land. Like many young people lacking life experience, I expressed myself by making insensitive remarks and statements of passion devoid of thought, not realizing the harm and offense these words would cause.

These posts were made years before I was accepted into medical school, when I was a naïve, and impressionable girl barely out of high school. I matured into a young adult during the years I attended college and medical school, and adopted strong values of inclusion, tolerance, and humanity. I take my profession and the Hippocratic Oath seriously and would never intentionally cause harm to any patient seeking medical care. As a physician, I will always strive to give the best medical treatment to all people, regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity, or culture.

I have learned from this experience and am sorry for the pain I have caused. I pray that the Jewish community will understand and forgive me. I hope to make amends so that we can move forward and work together towards a better future for us all.

Is it possible she does not hold these antisemitic views and is sincerely contrite about having expressed them? Yes, it is possible, but I would still like to understand why:

  • She left the antisemitic tweets up for years, during her “mature adult” years at college and medical school
  • She did not issue her apology the moment the tweets came to light, but rather waited until only after she became international news
  • She tweeted as late as 2017:
    “Further proof that Israel is more about hatred and white supremacy than it is about world Jewry, in case you didn’t know.”
    “Zionists will basically use every opportunity to use the words ‘Israeli’, ‘victim’, and ‘terrorist attack’ in the same sentence. 😒

Because the way I see it, it is also possible she hasn’t really changed at all and is covering her ass as her career prospects take a nosedive.

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David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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