Dutch BDS-Hole Caught on Israeli Scooter


Meet Israel-hater Robert-Willem van Norren (not to be confused with Martin Van Nostrand).

Seems like a lovely chap. You can see him in all his antisemitic glory here:

As Israel advocate Michael Jacobs notes, van Norren sows hatred three times a week and calls for a boycott of the Jewish state.

Except for himself, of course. Michael posts that the scooter van Norren uses was manufactured in kibbutz Afikim in Israel.

He seems to have a point. Afikim does manufacture such scooters, and the one in the photo seems to be one of them. It looks like it could be this model.

Of course, Van Norren can fall back on the infamous BDS movement loophole, which allows them to decide not to boycott really useful and convenient Israeli stuff.

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