WATCH: BDS-Hole Makes Idiot of Herself Trying to Answer Simple Question on “Palestine”


A BDS-hole is asked the straight-forward question: “When was Palestine declared a nation and how?”

Watch as she cannot and does not answer the question (you can almost see the cogs in her almost vacant head turning), followed by one of the un-smoothest attempts to get away from the questioner you’ll ever see.

You’d think if you are pushing to boycott the Jewish State of Israel, you are in command of the facts, especially something as fundamental as this, given the claim that Israel has committed a grave injustice upon the palestinian Arabs is predicated on it.

And this is not an anomaly. This is the norm. The latest, great Ari Fuld z”l used to show up these people for the hateful ignoramuses that they are.

Draw your own conclusions about their true motivations.

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