Photo of the Day: Awkward Ali And “Some of His Best Friends” Who Are Jewish


This photo of Israel hater and propagandist Ali “Abumination” Abunimah with two Neturei Karta nuts is from November last year, but was just brought to my attention.

Note how awkward Ali cannot bring himself to put his arms around his fellow “anti-Zionists”. My guesses for why this may be the case are:

  • Jew cooties – hey, they might also hate Israel, but they are Jews. And Ali does not really like Jews.
  • He found out they are no fans of his community

(By the way, is the Neturei Karta posing with Ali some kind of “pinkwashing”?)

I guess Ali can’t always look as at ease as he does in this classic photo

Hat tip: Kweansmom

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