Ali Abunimah & Rania Khalek Attack Those Who Helped Jews Escape Nazi Germany

In a post at hate site Electronic Intifada, Rania Khalek writes

It also completely ignores the fact that while other Jews were resisting the Nazis, Zionists infamously made a deal with them, the notorious Transfer Agreement of 1933, to facilitate the transport of German Jews and their property to Palestine and which, as Joseph Massad points out, broke the international Jewish boycott of Nazi Germany started by American Jews.

As others rightly noted, this was a clear criticism of Zionists helping Jews escape Germany and certain death!

The Jewish Agency’s Avi Mayer then issued a challenge to Electronic Intifada creator Ali “Abumination” Abunimah.

No surprises for guessing how Hamas fanboy Abunimah reacted.

Of course Abunimah won’t admit to hating Jews, but he sure as hell will criticize those who did their darndest to save tens of thousands.

I thank Khalek and Abunimation for their great work for Israel and the Jewish people – illustrating the great evil of those who oppose us.

5 thoughts on “Ali Abunimah & Rania Khalek Attack Those Who Helped Jews Escape Nazi Germany”

  1. There was no Jewish resistance to the Nazis in 1933 There was virtually no organized resistance anywhere at the time (, see “Pre-war resistance”) but certainly not among the Jews, who really only began to resist in the 1940’s once the Final Solution was underway ( Of course, I’m not surprised that Rania Khalek knows nothing about world history. Remind me, what are her professional credentials again?

    1. there was no real resistance

      maybe a few people handing out leaflets

      the brownshirts took care of any enemies of the nazis

  2. transfer agreement?

    it never happened…the nazis reneged on the deal

    those 60k jews had to pay off the nazis with everything they owned

    they didnt come to palestine with anything

    and joseph massad is another jew hating troll

    those jews who could not get out, didnt have enough assets

  3. Kathy Prendergast

    Re. Abunimah’s ridiculous question about why Israel doesn’t “name squares after Neville Chamberlain”…, because Chamberlain did NOT save the lives of over 60,000 Jewish people?

    Anti-Zionists love to bring up the fact that Zionists in Germany “collaborated” with the Nazis, making it sound like they actively participated in the Holocaust and gleefully marched their own people into the gas ovens, rather than saved lives. In future I plan to I always ask such people if they would have preferred those 60,000 Jews saved as a result of that “collaboration” had stayed in Germany and perished in the death camps. Interesting to see what replies I might get, other than the sound of crickets.

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