Hamas Goes Medieval On Their Own People & Begs For Israel to Send Them Back to Stone Age


Today while I was busy at the DigiTell19 conference, Hamas were busy going medieval on their own people.

Hamas justified their actions as follows:

The injured included women and children.

In other words, Hamas actually bashed up people for burning tires and closing roads. Meanwhile, Hamas sends people to burn tires and breach Israel’s border fence, and complains when Israel responds.

But the story gets even “better.”

Out of the blue, rockets were fired from Gaza at Tel Aviv, for the first time in almost 5 years.

Hamas’ response?

One does not have to be a..ehh…rocket scientist to work out Hamas either fired the rockets or otherwise ok’d the attack in order to draw Israel in to a response, to distract from their domestic problems.

Hamas are the reason Gazans suffer and today’s events should make this abundantly clear if it wasn’t already.

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