Hamas Accuses PA of Helping Israel To…Save Civilian Lives


It looks like Hamas and PA will not be on each others’ Ramadan card list any time soon, with Hamas now accusing the PA of the crime of helping Israel during the latest Gaza strikes.

But notice in essence what they are accusing them of doing:

PA and Hamas leaders in happier times

A Hamas security source claimed on Tuesday that the Palestinian Authority security forces were behind phone calls to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip to leave their homes before they were hit by Israeli airstrikes.

The source told the Hamas-affiliated Shehab news agency that the PA’s General Intelligence Force – headed by Majed Faraj – was behind some of the phone calls made to residents and institutions during Monday’s Israeli military strikes, which came in response to the launching of a rocket from the Gaza Strip to the Kfar Saba region. Seven people were injured when the rocket destroyed a house in the agricultural village of Mishmeret.

Several residents of the Gaza Strip said they received phone calls and SMS messages asking them to leave their homes and offices because they were about to be targeted by the Israel Air Force.

“An investigation has found that the [PA] General Intelligence Force was behind the phone calls and messages,” the source said. “We have been able to identify the numbers used in the phone calls and messages, and it turns out that they belong to the General Intelligence Force.”

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said the alleged phone calls “reflect the filthy role the Palestinian Authority played in collaborating with the occupation in the war against our people.”

A senior PA official in Ramallah dismissed the report as “nonsense,” and accused Hamas and its media outlets of “spreading lies and fabrications.”

Which just goes to show you once again 1. the efforts Israel goes to in order to minimize loss of civilian life (even though Hamas does not afford us the same courtesy, and in fact targets our civilians) and 2. Hamas really does not care about its own people.

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