Comedian Bill Burr Rips “Lunatic” Roger Waters


Comedian Bill Burr was recently interviewed by Israel’s Walla, ahead of his upcoming performance in Israel on May 6th. And when the subject of Roger Waters and his inevitable calls to boycott Israel came up, Bill did not hold back (translated from Hebrew):

You know you’re going to get a phone call from Roger Waters from Pink Floyd, who will urge you to join his cultural boycott against Israel and try to persuade you to cancel the show in Tel Aviv?

“I’m going to get a phone call from this guy, who does he think he is, fucking Bono, I do not care what he thinks … Fuck Roger Waters, I do not agree with what my country does in Iraq, but it does not make me a piece of shit. I come to Israel to perform for the country ‘s “Bill Burr”im, I’m appearing for the ordinary people of Israel, I’m not going to show up for this guy … What’ s his name, Netanyahu, I do not think preventing ordinary people from comedy or music is the way to make a change?”

That’s the answer your fans here were hoping to hear.

“I just love the arrogance of these people, as if the former Pink Floyd bass player does not show up in Israel, it will finally make all sides sit at the negotiating table and resolve the conflict. Simply arrogant and classic. At least it makes me feel good for David Gilmore (Pink Floyd guitarist) that he does not have to suffer this lunatic anymore. “

Brutal and brilliant!

Hat tip: Tommy

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