Exposed! JVP Confirmed To Be Neither Jewish Nor For Peace

JVP’s ignorance of Judaism and antisemitism have long prompted me to consider them as Jewish as a ham sandwich, while their support and glorification of terrorists have made a mockery of the idea they are for peace.

But now we have an additional indication of this.

Facebook has a new page transparency feature, which, among other things, show where those who manage the page are located. Here is what happens when you bring up this information for the Jewish Voice for Peace page:

I think it is fair to assume the Lebanese page manager of the JVP page is not one of the 40, elderly Jews who live there. I’m guessing they are also likely not so keen on the existence of the state of Israel, given they live in an enemy country.

I demand that JVP change their name to more accurately reflect who they are and what they stand for.

Hat tip: Gedalyah

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