Spate of Antisemitic Attacks in US and The Antisemitism Most Won’t Dare Talk About

In the past year or so, there have been a spate of antisemitic attacks in the US, especially NYC. Here are some examples of these:

Do you notice a pattern with these attacks I have highlighted?

Without putting too fine a point on it, the perpetrators have all been African Americans. And it is no coincidence.

This uptick in Black attacks on Jews coincides with an escalation in the rhetoric of prominent activists in the intersectionality movement. Activists like Linda Sarsour who compares “Zionists” to “White supremacists”

and her Women’s March co-chair Tamika Mallory who has suggested “White” Jews, as “White people”, uphold “White supremacy.”

It is also no coincidence these same activists heart Louis Farrakhan.

And can’t bring themselves to condemn his blatant antisemitism.

Antisemitism like this:

So here we have an influential leader like Louis Farrakhan promoting hatred towards Jews, and intersectional role models not only promoting the idea of Jews with “White privilege”, but tacitly supporting Farrakhan and his message. While this is going on, they are also telling us how it is not hatred of the Jewish people but disdain for Israel.

This is, of course, an easy sell for those who are already ill-disposed towards Jews. But the intersectionality crowd factor means you can actually now convince yourself you are a good person fighting injustice while hating on Jews!

Intersectionality creates bedfellows out of different “oppressed minorities.” This includes Blacks and Muslims and Black-Muslims. Assigning “White privilege” to Jews excludes them from this grouping of oppressed minorities, making us even more of an “Other.”

While so-called liberals point to the Right and Donald Trump and cry out “antisemites!”, the much more prevalent source of antisemitism, especially in the US, is the antisemitism of the Left, as well as Black and Muslim antisemitism. But people like Linda Sarsour will claim that the only violent antisemitism comes from the Right.

Unfortunately, most people don’t dare talk about this type of antisemitism. Because they will point to you and level charges of anti-Black racism and Islamophobia at you.

But I, for one, won’t shut up about it. This is way too serious a problem to ignore.

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