The Bizarre Case of the Zionist Hipster


In a 2016 article entitled The American Dream is Killing Us, the following photo is used to depict a young hipster or millennial in bad financial shape (via Reddit).

Notice anything about it?

In case you missed it, the dude is wearing a “Tsahal” (IDF) shirt.

This is most bizarre, especially considering what we know about almost all hipsters – besides the apparent lack of personal hygiene.

It seems to be some kind of oft-used stock photo, which was first used on this economic collapse blog in 2015. One can only speculate whether this was a coincidence – perhaps the young man used as the “model” happened to be wearing the shirt (and hence is really not a hipster in real life), or the photographer thought he would employ some irony in the shoot.

Either way, you have to feel sorry for the palestinian propaganda machine – they now cannot use this photo to depict a Gazan after an IDF strike.

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