Bill’s Bogus Views


Alex Winter is a filmmaker an actor, whose best known role was that of Bill S. Preston, Esq in the Bill and Ted movies. Regular Israellycool readers will already have seen him in the grim reaper clip I regularly include when an arch terrorist is vaporized (he’s the one who is not Keanu Reeves!)

Considering Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is a favorite of mine, you can imagine my disappointment to discover that Alex Winter responded to the lie of Israel hater/terror supporter Alexandra Halaby/Whitney this way:

and then ignored my tweets to him in response:

No response, despite the fact he has tweeted since.

It is one thing to show compassion towards people; it is another to show compassion towards just the one side, especially when such evil and terrorism is coming from that side.

And to not retract his show of condolences after I sent him proof the guy whose death he was expressing sadness over was one of the bad guys is inexcusable.

Did I mention that Alex Winter grew up in a Jewish family? So he’s just another ‘woke’ Jew going against his own people.

Yep, it is clear Keanu Reeves is the awesome one of the two.

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