Norwegian Singer Aurora’s Impassioned Opposition to BDS


Yesterday I posted video of Norwegian singer Aurora speaking against BDS at her concert in Tel Aviv.

She has now followed this up with an impassioned post on social media.

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Last night I had my first performance in Israel. And tonight I will have another. I am here because I dont believe in cultural boycotting. There are leaders who does cruel things in this world. But I don’t see how artists culturally boycotting places, will strip these leaders from their power. Or save innocent people from terror. People need open cultural dialogue. People need art. And people need to be seen as people. I am not here to play for the government. I am here to play for my fans in Israel. If you want to generalize that is up to you. But I dont want to live that way. No matter what religion, what sexuality, what origin or birthplace, what political opinion, what colour of skin or gender, we are all worth the same. To anyone who hasn’t understood that yet, I cry for. And I cry for human kind as long as there is so much discrimination, violence and terror happening happening amongst us. But I refuse to look at the 14 year old girl standing in front row and blame it all on her. She deserves music. And she deserves to be seen as an individual. Musicians and artists out there shouldn’t be silenced because of political disagreements. Art should be something we all can share, no matter what. There is a reason why we always say that – music is the one common language we all can understand. While I believe in all human rights, my fear is that culturally boycotting targets the people most critical of growth inside their own country. I want to walk on cultural bridges, and I dont want to be a part of any cultural boycotts. We might disagree what way is the best way to go forward. But I think we can all agree on that what we all want is justice. we want a world with less violence. and equal rights for human beings. also the right to experience music. And like all battles in history, we never know just exactly how progress will be made. But its clear to see its when people stand together actual change and progress is happening. And that is what its all about. Just gathering people. Through music. Not about political battles.

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Meanwhile haters like Roger Waters could look at a 14-year-old girl and blame it all on her – as long as she is Jewish.

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