Business Owner Who Claimed He Was Hacked Now Admits to Sending Antisemitic Email


Earlier this year, someone from a company called Tribestan has sent an antisemitic email to an Israel-based prospective customer.

The owner, Daniel Davies, had claimed the email was hacked, but I called BS.

It has now recently come to light that I was correct. Davies has admitted he did send the antisemitic email, but has invoked the Mel Gibson defense.

Dyfed-Powys Police in Wales have given a formal caution to the owner of Tribestan UK for sending antisemitic e-mails to a Jewish man after Campaign Against Antisemitism intervened in the case.

…the police have now reported that Mr Davies was interviewed under caution in the presence of his solicitor, admitted to sending the abusive e-mails, claimed that he was under the influence of alcohol when he did so and that he sent an apologetic email the next day when sober, and has now been issued with a formal police caution that will remain on his police record.

Regrettably, the police originally claimed that Mr Davies’s emails were simply “stating an opinion” and refused to log it as a hate crime. They then closed the case, having accepted Mr Davies’ original defence at face value. It was only following a series of interventions by Campaign Against Antisemitism that the police upheld our complaint, reopened the case and recorded the incident as a hate crime under the Malicious Communications Act. They formally apologised saying that they “completely share the concerns you raised.”

I don’t buy that this was just one antisemitic episode. It’s the entire damn series. Davies is basically going through the manual of excuses for denying antisemitism.

Consequently, I recommend you all avoid Tribestan and spread the word for others to do so as well.

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