Olivia Hazin Responds to Post Outing Her Antisemitism With More Antisemitism, Mocking My Deceased Wife


Yesterday’s anti-Zionist-not-antisemite Olivia Hazin has gone on an unhinged series of posts, following my blog post exposing her noxious Jew hatred.

Using a different Facebook account (I assume she lost posting rights on her usual account, probably because of something antisemitic she posted), Hazin has not been able to contain the rot inside her.

Stalking my Facebook account for photos and information, Hazin thought this photo of me and a friend was a good opportunity to speak about my “big ass Khazar nose” (note the reference to “thee chosen” by the commenter, a comment Hazin reacts to with a love emoji).

She knows what she is posting is antisemitic, but throws in the line at the end to somehow prove she is no Jew hater.

So no surprise being a proud Jew in prayer would elicit this response from her

Not content with digging herself a bigger hole with her antisemitism, Hazin proves what I aim to show with my posts: the Israel haters are really evil people.

The type of people to mock someone with cancer

Only to keep digging after discovering Ahava passed away from cancer

Note how apparently I am also capable of time travel, going back in time to update on Facebook and this blog that Ahava passed away, only in response to Hazin’s trolling. Textbook narcissism (in case the lip filler did not give it away already).

And in case you are concerned about me being confronted with such vileness, thank you but don’t be. I am fully aware when I proactively go after the antisemites that they will play dirty and come after me.

In fact, I am counting on it.

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