Gazans Do Their Best to Contract Coronavirus



The committee responsible for organizing protests in the border region between Israel and the Gaza Strip on Saturday announced the cancellation of a Land Day event, set to take place on March 30, over concerns it could facilitate the spread of the coronavirus in the enclave.

“We call for everyone to adhere to all health and preventative measures announced by the Health Ministry and all official bodies to deal with the coronavirus pandemic,” the committee said in a statement, according to Channel 13 news.

Instead, the organizers called for people to raise Palestinian flags and burn Israeli ones, as well as observing a moment of silence and staying in their homes.


Because hating on Israel is worth risking your lives for.

And why simply burn an Israeli flag when you can endanger the life of one of your infirm?

Of course if any of these nincompoops actually contract coronavirus, they will blame it on Israel.

Update: That last photo reminds me of this classic scene


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