Israel-Hater’s Comment Showing Antisemitism of Fellow Hater Saskia Whitfield “Disappears”


Yesterday, I pointed to a post by Israel-hater Younes Arar, in which he defended his friend, Jew-hater Saskia Whitfield, who he claimed was “under heavy attack by Zionist trolls and their supporters trying to discredit her because of her support to our just cause.”

As I mentioned in my post, even a fellow Israel-hater admitted Whitfield is an antisemite, including a screenshot of a vile post of hers in which she glorifies Hitler.

Today, I returned to the post to see if there was anything else there of interest. There was.

The Martina Evans’ comment was no longer there.


  1. Arar deleted the comment, presumably because he wanted to hide Whitfield’s obvious antisemitism; or
  2. Evens herself had second thoughts, and decided to delete her own comment; or
  3. By some strange coincidence, Evans’ account was deleted

I am going with option 1. Because that’s how these people roll.

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