Antisemitic Terror Supporter Hatem Bazian Shares ‘Top Zionist Influencers’ List

I have written about Professor Hatem Bazian, Chairman of American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), on a number of occasions. Among his “accomplishments” are calling for a violent uprising in the USA, holding leadership positions in groups with ties to terrorist organizations, founding a student group dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish state (Students for Justice in Palestine), and spreading antisemitic memes.

So I am sure he meant nothing by this sharing of a post – without comment – about the recent list of ‘Zionist Influencers’, on which 50 Israel advocates, including yours truly, feature.

just like I am sure these friends of his mean nothing by this:

If I am not being clear, here we have a man known for promoting violence and supporting terrorism, with an antipathy towards Jews and other Israel supporters, sharing a list of names of Jews and other Israel supporters.

So I am putting this post out in to the public sphere, in case any of them think they should try anything.

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