Peak Palestinian Response to Vital Medical Equipment from the United Arab Emirates


A few days ago, a direct flight to Israel from Abu Dhabi landed at Ben-Gurion International Airport with equipment to help palestinians in the “West Bank” and the Gaza Strip deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

The palestinians expressed their sincere thanks both the UAE for the aid, and Israel for allowing it to arrive at Ben Gurion airport.

Just kidding.

Informed sources said that the government refused to receive the medical supplies donated by the Emirates, which arrived yesterday on a UAE plane that landed in Tel Aviv airport.

The sources attributed the refusal to receive this aid because the UAE has not coordinated with the State of Palestine and the government refuses to be a bridge of normalization between the UAE and Israel.

The source pointed out that any assistance provided in the name of the Palestinian people must be provided through coordination with the Authority, not through Israel and constitute a cover for normalization.

And this, my friends, is why they can’t have nice things.

Well, that and all the terrorism.

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