Turks Furious Over TV Channel’s “Technical Error”


A Turkish TV channel has apologized to their audience for a “technical error.”

And by technical error, they mean “telling the truth.”

A nationwide TV channel in Turkey apologized for the Turkish people and its audience after typing “Jerusalem-Israel” on its screen as the place of its correspondent.

Following a backlash on Twitter by its audience, A Haber channel explained in a statement that it was only a technical error.

“The channel stands by the Palestinian cause”, the statement stated. “Our voices have been always for our Palestinian brothers and sisters and they will always be with them. The channel always stands for the oppressed”, it stressed.

“The mistake that we have done made us very sad. We apologize for our people, Jerusalem is Palestine’s capital and will always be so.”

By the way, if you think the words “technical error” were misused here, check out the headline to the story.

No typo. “Jerusalem” and “Israel” were spelled just fine.

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