Let’s All Keep Israellycool From Going Cold

A post by reader Faith Quintero


Israellycool publishes news that’s unique and with incredible personality.

At times it’s the first outlet to break stories before others pick them up.

It’s an outlet that allows us to assess the precision of our “Antisemite-distinction-skills” (I mixed Louis Farrakhan and David Duke equally as most of the commenters did too).

It points out the delusions of the Israel-hating Jewish crowd – and the Jew-hatred of the  “anti-Zionist” crowd.

Not to mention the outright lies of anti-Israel imagery (My memory of the heartbreaking photo of the grieving mother, just one of the lies debunked by Dave, propelled me to write this).

Dave also offers fireside chats and interviews.

And holds people accountable for their hateful activity with the open-mindedness of knowing they could become genuinely better through education and with support.

No other outlet does all these things.

And with time-consuming vetting, Dave accepts submissions from readers so that our voices can be amplified on this platform.

Single-handedly putting all this together, and maintaining it daily, is more than a full-time job. And, there is no charge for the subscription to Israellycool and all of these terrific reads.

Dave invested even more time to complete the tedious paperwork to make contributions tax deductible (so far for US donors, but other countries to follow). If you don’t qualify for that, please don’t let that stop you from pitching in. He did not ask me to write this as he didn’t ask me to write my Open Letter to Mahmoud Abbas or the list of techniques to help university students combat anti-Israel lies. Yet, I am requesting he publish this just the same.

And I am requesting that you, my fellow readers, join me in making a donation to this important and unique outlet that does more than offer news – it offers solidarity.

Faith Quintero

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