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Israellycool Imposter Account Set Up on Zoominfo

This appears on Zoominfo, a database of information about business people and companies to sales, marketing and recruiting professionals
Eighteenth birthday

Israellycool: 18 Years Young

Believe it or not, today is the 18th anniversary of Israellycool. Here's some of the things we've accomplished along the way.

Let’s All Keep Israellycool From Going Cold

I am requesting that you, my fellow readers, join me in making a donation to this important and unique outlet that does more than offer news – it offers solidarity

Exciting News! Israellycool Israel Advocacy (RA) is Born

I am excited to announce that Israellycool is officially registered as a charity in Israel - Israellycool Israel Advocacy (RA)!

Jerusalem Post Piece on Israellycool

The Jerusalem Post has published a nice piece on Israellycool for this week's Weekend Magazine

Israellycool Turns 17

Today marks exactly 17 years since I began this blog

WATCH: Avi and Aussie Talk Israellycool

Today I sat down with my good friend Avi Abelow of Israel Unwired to discuss Israellycool, my Israel advocacy work, and Reuters University (don't ask, just watch!)

Document Leaked by Ex Google Employee Shows Israellycool Blacklisted

Google blacklists Conservative news websites, a whistle blower has claimed. and guess who appears on the blacklist

Hater Rips Off Israellycool Logo To Make Profit…And Some Kind of Point

I have now discovered a new tactic the haters use against me: ripping off the Israellycool logo for hateful merchandise.

Donate to Israellycool

With Passover and Easter approaching, now is a good time as any to support a worthy cause - this site!

15 Years of Israellycool

Believe it or not, tomorrow is Israellycool's 15th year in existence. In other words, it precedes Facebook, Twitter, and almost every other blog you know today

Dealing With Some Recently Announced Social Media Changes

There have been a number of social media-related changes announced that will potentially impact sites like this adversely. The good news is there are ways of dealing with it

Things You Can Learn About Me On Twitter

If you are not on Twitter, you are missing out on a lot of fun! And you are missing out on some valuable information about me.
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