When No-One Cares That a Palestinian Boy Was Shot in Head


A nine-year-old palestinian boy in Jerusalem has been shot in the head. But you won’t hear about it from the mainstream media, palestinian media or anti-Israel websites.

For two reasons:

  • He wasn’t shot by us
  • He was saved by us
courtesy of Hadassah University Hospital

A nine-year-old boy from East Jerusalem is recovering after doctors at Hadassah Medical Center removed a bullet that hit him in the head, passed through his brain, ground to a halt upon reaching the inside of his skull and then migrated back into his brain.

The parents, residents the Palestinian neighborhood of Ras al-Amud, brought in their conscious but sleepy son, who only had a tiny wound on his head and a bit of blood on his hair. Doctors were staggered when the bullet showed up in a scan.

Neurosurgeon Guy Elor told The Times of Israel he was “amazed” that even though the bullet went through “very important brain structures,” the boy was chatting and recovering, and was expected to have minimal brain damage or none at all.

Police have opened an investigation and are probing, among other lines of inquiry, the possibility that the bullet came from celebratory gunfire for the Muslim Eid el-Adha festival that was observed this weekend, Israel Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told The Times of Israel.

The incident comes two months after a four-year-old girl from Issawiya, which is close to Ras al-Amud, was killed by an apparently stray bullet fired by an unknown shooter.

Actually, I am surprised you did not hear about it from anti-Israel sites. The incident last month was extensively reported by them, except they lied and blamed it on Israel.

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