Australian TV Presenter Waleed Aly Provides Platform For Guy Blaming Lebanon Explosion on Israel


Australian TV presenter Waleed Aly has given airtime on his show The Project to a Beirut-based photographer who blamed Israel for the Beirut explosion – without challenging him.

Don’t think this was a case of Waleed falling asleep at the wheel; I am certain he was driving very carefully, given his track record on Israel. Remember, this is the guy who once condemned Islamic terrorism in a viral video, yet could not bring himself to condemn Hamas terrorism against Israelis, while at the same time misrepresenting the situation here. And then there’s his rant against Israeli airport security.

When are Australians going to wake up to ‘woke’ Waleed?

For the record, The Project subsequently deleted the segment from their social media channels, although they stopped short of an apology.

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