Antisemite Joachim Martillo’s Creepy Obsession With Fellow Antisemite Olivia Taha (Hazin)

Yesterday, I posted about one of the vilest Jew-haters I have encountered online: Joachim Martillo.

When looking into his tweets, I noticed he kept referencing his “BrownPaliGirlfriend”, while referring to himself in the third person as “WhiteJewBoyfriend” (as I implied in my previous post, I have reservations about Martillo’s claims he has any Jewish ancestry).

If that wasn’t creepy enough, “BrownPaliGirlfriend” is none other than fellow Jew-hater Olivia Taha (Hazin), who is about 40 years younger than him.

Here are some of his tweets that show just how obsessed and creepy he is.

Language (and nausea) warning

I somehow doubt she is actually his girlfriend. Besides the age difference, dude’s as smooth as a hedgehog.


But forget Mr Hankey. Martillo is one sick puppy.

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