Indian News Outlet Pulls Gaza Children’s Hospital Report Following Israellycool Exposé of Fauxtography

A few days ago, I showed how an Indian news site called Absolute India had tried to pass off a photo – which showed extensive damage to an Israeli community caused by a rocket fired from Gaza – as showing damage to a Gaza children’s hospital caused by an Israeli air strike.

I am pleased to report that thanks to the post and those who shared it around, Absolute India have removed the piece.

But our work is not yet done.

Absolute India are yet to remove the social media posts using the same photo[0]=AZXpz68e_4HNvIZG3tbIBddV61EJrLgLy9iWK22npF5sdJwzK0PC56I-FT2SHz6STd0bD7_x4RAkwHt_NFBV-C9OiA8PCKRlB3Xisz0sFcyJID6IvbaWPEUMu7TBYZ6o9S-pz4bhY68OE9SKei0x5Kb9&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

Join me in putting pressure on them to remove these as well.

Update: Tweet taken down.

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