ABC News Australia’s Latest Outrageous Media Bias


ABC News Australia have published a report entitled Israeli authorities killed seven Palestinian children last year. Their parents are calling for justice. The title says it all – it is a one-sided report that places the blame for the children’s deaths squarely on Israel.

But it was actually even worse. ABC News shared the report on Facebook earlier yesterday, before deleting it after complaints from readers. The post reveals the original title of the report.


B’tselem has a list of the palestinian children killed by the IDF in 2020:


Mahmoud ‘Omar Sadeq Kmeil
17 years old, resident of Qabatiyah, Jenin District, killed on 21 Dec 2020 in Old City (Jerusalem), East Jerusalem District, by live ammunition. . Additional information: Fatally shot by Border Police officers after he opened fire at a police post near Bab Huttah, one of the entrances to the al-Aqsa compound, fled the scene and fired at the officers again.

‘Ali Ayman Saleh Abu ‘Alia
15 years old, resident of al-Mughayir, Ramallah and al-Bira District, killed on 04 Dec 2020 in al-Mughayir, Ramallah and al-Bira District, by 0.22-caliber bullets. . Additional information: Injured by sniper fire from a distance of about 150 meters, while watching confrontations in the village. Succumbed to his wounds later that day. More on the incident

Muhammad Damer Hamdan Matar
16 years old, resident of Deir Abu Mash’al, Ramallah and al-Bira District, injured on 19 Aug 2020 next to Deir Abu Mash’al, Ramallah and al-Bira District, by live ammunition, and died on 20 Aug 2020. . Additional information: Shot and wounded by soldiers lying in ambush, while trying to light a gas balloon on Route 465 with two other youths who were injured by the shooting. More on the incident

Zeid Fadel Muhammad Qeisiyah
17 years old, resident of al-Fawwar Camp, Hebron District, killed on 13 May 2020 in al-Fawar R.C, Hebron District, by 0.22-caliber bullets fired from an sniper. . Additional information: Shot in the head by a sniper from a distance of about 100 meters, while standing on the roof of his home watching soldiers who entered the refugee camp. He died of his injury a short while later. More on the incident

Muhammad ‘Abd al-Karim Ghasab Hamayel
15 years old, resident of Beita, Nablus District, killed on 11 Mar 2020 next to Beita, Nablus District, by live ammunition. . Additional information: Injured in the head by soldiers’ gunfire when he was with youths who were throwing stones at them, during the dispersal of a protest at the archaeological site of al-‘Urmah near Beita. Another Palestinian was injured by a rubber-coated metal bullet and succumbed to his wounds on 1 April 2020. Another 13 Palestinians were injured in the incident by live fire and rubber-coated metal bullets.

Muhammad Salman To’meh al-Hadad
16 years old, resident of Hebron, killed on 05 Feb 2020 in Hebron, by live ammunition. . Additional information: Shot and killed by soldiers standing on the rooftop of a building several dozen meters away, as he was preparing to hurl a burning Molotov cocktail at them, during clashes in the Bab a-Zawiya neighborhood.

While the ABC News report states

Ali was the seventh Palestinian child killed by Israeli forces in 2020, according to Israeli human rights group B’Tselem.

you can see they have only listed six child fatalities.

But more than that, note the parts in bold. Even according to B’tselem (who do not waste any opportunity to blame Israel), these children were either involved directly in the commission of violent acts or in close proximity to those doing so. Funny how the ABC News report makes no mention of this.

Also of note: the children not mentioned on the B’tselem list. Like 4-year-old Rafif Mohammed Karin – who the haters claimed was killed by an IDF sniper – and 17-year-old Amer Snobar – who the haters claim was bludgeoned to death by IDF soldiers.

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