BDS Movement’s Latest Beautiful Lie

A few days ago, I posted the video of former Miss Iraq Sarah Idan ripping Mandela’s grandson for calling African countries to boycott the Miss Universe competition, to be held in Tel Aviv. Of course, Mandela’s grandson was not the only one to call for a boycott; the BDS movement itself naturally has, and they have praised a couple of countries for already doing so.

 The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement in Palestine called for a boycott of the Miss Universe competition, which will be held in the occupations state next December. The movement said the contest aims at covering up Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people.

The movement also praised the decision of Miss Indonesia and Miss Malesia, who decided to withdraw from the competition.

Yeah, about Miss Malaysia:

Miss Universe Malaysia organisation, in a statement, said that the 2021 Miss Universe Malaysia competition would be cancelled due to Covid-19.

According to the organisation, “limited international and domestic travel” has hindered this year’s pageant from taking place. 

“We have therefore declined the invitation to this year’s pageant and regretfully would not be able to hold a local this year.

“We wish all delegates the best of luck at the international competition and look forward to participating again in the near future,” said the statement in part. 

I also praise their decision to follow Covid-19 guidelines!

And I don’t see any statement from Miss Universe Indonesia.

By the way, following Mandela’s call, Miss South Africa issued this statement:

In response to the growing call for South Africa to withdraw from the event, the Miss South Africa organisation told Channel24: “The Miss South Africa Organisation is not getting involved in a political war of words and has no further comment to make.”

Hat tip: Ari

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