Israelis Call on UN to Recognize Gaza Terror Groups Actions’ As War Crimes

The upcoming report by the United Nations Inquiry Commission on Operation Guardian of the Walls has got many Israelis thinking that they should anticipate, yet again, another extremely biased report against the Jewish State.

In a fresh attempt to affect the Commission’s results and highlight what Israeli citizens have experienced under rocket terror attacks, a “Citizens’ Letter” has been launched.

The letter, which has already garnered hundreds of signatures, is calling on the UN Inquiry, headed by Navi Pillay, to recognize the actions of the terrorist groups in Gaza during Operation Guardian of the Walls as war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The letter also highlights what many Israelis experienced during May 2021: “4,400 rockets were fired at us, forcing us to run desperately for shelter. We had to protect our children with our own bodies, on our way to school or in the playgrounds…”

The Letter was drafted in conjunction with lawyer Yifa Segal, an expert in international law. According to Segal, “an honest examination of international law and the facts from Operation Guardian of the Walls, should bring every objective examiner to one simple conclusion – a terrorist organization deliberately shooting at civilians using its own citizens as human shields, is a first-rate criminal.” She adds that “the ‘Citizens’ Letter’ can powerfully convey this message to the UN Commission of Inquiry. Every signature is important and can affect the outcome.”

Any Israeli citizen over the age of 16, who was in Israel during operation Guardian of the Walls is eligible to add their name to the letter. The letter and signatures will be translated and submitted to the UN later this month.


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