Jordanian Mrs Doubtfire Stopped at Israeli Border

Late last year, Jordan filed a complaint with the Asian Football Confederation, to verify the gender of one of the Iranian Women National Team players, who they believed was really a man.

She was in fact a she, albeit rather masculine-looking.

Perhaps Jordan needed to look closer to home when suspecting someone of Mrs Doubtfiring.

Israeli border guards detained a Jordanian-Palestinian man on Friday after he attempted to enter the West Bank via a land crossing dressed as a woman and carrying his wife’s passport.

According to the Israeli authorities, the 43-year-old man, trying to pass off for a 42-year-old woman, aroused the suspicion of security officials.

“During the security check, suspicion arose that this was a man rather than a woman,” Israel’s Airports Authority, which also manages land crossings, said in a statement.

“His body language, which was rather masculine, aroused suspicion,” a source at the border crossing told Ynet.

The man intended to travel to areas of the West Bank under Palestinian Authority’s control by crossing through the Allenby / King Hussein border Crossing.

According to Ynet, he told interrogators that he put on the disguise as he did not want his entry through an Israeli crossing to be on record. After verifying he harbored no malicious intent, the Jordanian man was free to return to Jordan at the end of the questioning.

If I were his wife, I’d be super offended!

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