Kanye West Rant Further Proof Jew-Haters Don’t Know What a “Zionist” Is

Kanye West continues to make headlines for all the wrong reasons, as his antisemitic genie has not just left the bottle, but seems to have hit it.

Rather than go over all the craziness, I wanted to focus on one particular thing he said.

After railing against pornography, West blurts out “Somehow our country has been taken over by, you know, maybe about 300 Zionists.”

Leaving aside the fact West has admitted to having a porn addition himself, and recently was seen seemingly forcing Adidas executives to watch pornography during a business meeting, West’s use of the word “Zionists” here betrays a clear lack of understanding what a “Zionist” even is – like so many other Jew-haters I have witnessed.

West and the other Jew-haters seem to use the word as a synonym for “the bad kind of Jew.” You know, the Jew of antisemitic tropes; the type they claim runs the world, including Hollywood, the banking system, and world governments.

Others, like vile antisemite Ariyana Love, seem to use the word interchangeably with “Ashkenazi Jew,” while Sephardic Jews are somehow “anti-Zionist.”

To be very clear, this is all what “Zionism” means:

Funnily enough, many Jews working in Hollywood, for instance, are not particularly Zionist.

Ashkenazi Jews are simply Jews who ethnic identity originated in medieval Germany, although the term has come to refer more broadly to Jews from Central and Eastern Europe. Sephardi Jews are simply the Jews of Iberia (in Hebrew, Sepharad) and the Spanish diaspora. Most of the world’s Jews are what you would call “Zionist”, but there are some anti-Zionist Jews, whether Ashkenazi or Sephardi.

The fact that an antisemite like West does not even understand what a “Zionist” is should not be surprising, given he peddles in falsehood and hate. It is still instructive, because there are many ignorant people influenced by him. It behooves us to set them straight, and explain that instead of being the “bogeyman”, all a Zionist is is essentially a proud Jew. And if you claim to be just be “anti-Zionist”, you really are a hater of the Jewish people.

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