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A lawyer by education, David Lange - founder and managing editor of Israellycool - found his calling in advocating for Israel and the Jewish people. He is available for public speaking engagements.

A Letter to SFSU President Lynn Mahoney, By One of Leila Khaled’s Hijacking Victims

One of the survivors of El Al flight 219 - which Khaled hijacked - has penned this heartfelt letter to SFSU President Lynn Mahoney

A Letter to Faried Assad, Brother of Antisemitic Thug Yazied Assad

A letter I have written in light of some new information that has come to light

Anti-Israel Dick Joke Loves Anti-Israel Dick Joke

Richard Silverstein cannot hide his hatred - despite his denials

Israel-Haters Break Into Primary School To Fly Palestinian Flag

Israel-haters in Scotland have continued the fine, Israel-hating tradition of stooping as low as possible

Thug Yazied Assad: I’m Not Anti-Jew, You Sensitive Jews

How not to show you are not antisemitic

Saeb Erekat’s Latest ‘Palestine History’ Doozy

Saeb is finding it hard to keep track of his lies

The Israel-Haters Are Going to Hate Ozuna’s Latest Music Video

The video clip to Ozuna's song Thank You is something the haters are really going to hate.

More About That “Apartheid” Soccer Match Between Israel and Scotland

Following my post earlier today regarding the protests in Glasgow before the UEFA Nations League game between Israel and Scotland, some of the haters held banners saying "Fight racism" and others decried Israeli apartheid. About that..

Hater Who Boasted He Snatched Jew’s Kippah To Wipe His Ass With It Works...

Meet Yazied Assad, an vile ding-dong on Tik Tok

Media Drops the Ball in Ignoring Terror Support at Scotland vs Israel Pre-Game Protest

A few nights go, Israel faced off against Scotland in a UEFA Nations League game in Glasgow. And naturally the Israel-haters tried to make it all about the palestinian Arabs

WATCH: “Freedom of Speech”

I tackle a contentious topic on this week's Fireside Chat.

SFSU President Defends Hosting Talk By Unrepentant Terrorist Leila Khaled

SFSU President Lynn Mahoney has spoken

Foodbenders Owner Kimberly Hawkins Accuses Police of Co-operating With People Who Broke Her Store’s...

This time, she has alleged on Instagram that someone broke her store's window, and the police were in cahoots with them


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