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Priceless! Richard Silverstein Gets Owned (Yet Again)

Yet another thing Silverstein will learn to regret

About Those Pictures With The Kids With Artillery

These pictures have been debunked previously on this blog but the attention on Hamas's brainwashing of children caused their resurrection

A Field Trip With The Mossad! Part II: The People

The Mossad with the second part of his series on last week's field trip to the south

Operation: Mary Lockhart

You can say we took care of things in Mary's house yesterday. Enjoy the ants, Mary.

A Field Trip With The Mossad! Part I: The Environment

Part 1 on insights from the (fake) Mossad on a recent field trip to Jewish communities near Gaza

Operation: Kwazy Kweli

The "Mossad" takes on antisemitic rapper Talib Kweli Greene

Operation: WhatsApp With Hamas?

The Twitter account @HamasInfoEn tweeted on Tuesday an invitation to join their WhatsApp group for the latest "statements and comments" related to The Hamas Movement

The Mossad IL: The Other Other Israeli Intelligence Agency

The parody Mossad guy introduces the Mossad. Well, his version of it, at least


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