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The Iranian Leaders Who Will Be Affected By Iranian Ban on Use of Israeli...

I am guessing they did not really think this one through - given many Iranian leaders, past and present, benefit from Israeli tech.

When Siri Became Sity

This morning, my social media feeds were exploding with this

WATCH: Senior VP at Apple on Israel’s “Key, Critical” Contribution to Apple Products

Johny Srouji, Senior Vice President of Hardware Technologies at Apple, speaks about Israel's contributions to Apple products

What Apple’s Israel Army Of Engineers Have Reportedly Been Working On

Some more very cool stuff coming out of Israel

Time For The BDS-Holes To Boycott Apple

C'mon, be committed to the cause!

Dear Apple: Service And Prices In Israel Are A Disgrace

Once again attempting to get service for an Apple product in Israel is not an experience to make Apple Inc proud.

Israel’s Apple Users Deserve Better Than iDigital

Service for Apple products in Israel, as given by the independent importer iDigital, is not what it should be.

The Israeli Connection To Yesterday’s Apple iPhone 6s Announcement

Is it Israeli tech making the new iPhone camera so good?

Want To See The App Store?

And you thought the App Store was just a bunch of computers in the middle of nowhere.

Israeli Intelligence Officers Helped Inspire The Look Of iOS7

When we are not winning Nobel Prizes..

More Suffering From “Concentration Camp” Gaza

But do they have Android?

Call For Action On Antisemitic App

Please report Elders of Zion application.

Apple: Designed In California & Israel?

The real question: why did it take Apple so long?

Not Quite The Apple Of His Eye

Saudi Cleric Sa'd Bin Al-Shathari says it is forbidden to pray to Allah to place Steve Jobs in paradise


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