Tweeting Truth to Jodi Rudoren’s Usefully Idiotic Power

When The New York Times dispatched Jodi Rudoren to Israel as the new Jerusalem bureau chief 2.5 years ago, she was a self-professed neophyte in all things Arab-Israeli conflict.


So this malleable lump of reporting clay wandered ignorantly and naively into the morally relativist journalistic groupthink / circlejerk that infects the bar of Jerusalem’s American Colony Hotel, and instead of fighting to keep her head above water, instead of endeavoring to choose wisely, she was all too willing to be swept away by the fallacious, putrid tsunami of anti-Israel agitprop emanating from the more veteran ‘reporters’ based in Israel.

In short order, she was mirroring the prevailing ‘wisdom’ of the anti-Israel-by-reflex press. Explaining away the murderous terrorist act of throwing rocks at Israeli civilians in their cars as a harmless ‘kids-being-kids’ pastime is but one example. There are others from the Mondoweiss-sourcing, Hamas-parroting Rudoren.

And now, 2.5 years after starting the failed voyage of discovery that has been her high-ranking internship, as she penned yet another morally repugnant screed that equated Jews-at-prayer with Arabs-at-butchery, her journey towards the dark side is all but complete.

After reading that article yesterday, Seth Mandel called Jodi out on Twitter, with this epic series of almost 60 Tweets.


Over to you, Seth.

These are a few of my faves. Read them all here.


Zionist Shark

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