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Know Your History: Plenty of Palestinian Arabs Were Happy Israel Won the Six Day...

From the July 24th edition of Life Magazine

What If The Arabs Had Won The Six Day War? A Nightmare Scenario

A scary, but necessary reminder, as to why our victory was so important

The Paratroopers At The Wall

The men behind the iconic photo

Know Your History: Eyewitness To The Six Day War (National Geographic, Dec 1967)

Charles Harbutt's photo essay about the Six Day War is a gem

Know Your History: The Reunification of Jerusalem and The Jewish Connection

Once upon a time, the Jewish connection to the Old City of Jerusalem and holy sites was not in doubt

Know Your History: The Six Day War (Time Magazine June 16, 1967)

Time's coverage of the Six Day war is very illuminating

Know Your History: The Six Day War (NY Times June 8, 1967)

A fascinating look back at the NY Times coverage of one of the most important events of Israel's modern history

Whatever Happened To…Israeli Soldier On The Cover Of Life June 1967

There's even a Netanyahu connection
map pre 1967 israel

The Problem With Obama’s Speech

There are voices out there that Obama's speech was no biggie. I'll show you why it was.
Ahmadinejad hose

The Day In Israel: Mon Oct 4th, 2010

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman reportedly said US President Barak Obama is trying to force a solution on Israel.

The Day In Israel: Wednesday May 12th, 2010

US President Barack Obama asked PA President Mahmoud Abbas to "do everything he can to prevent acts of incitement or delegitimization of Israel" and...
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